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is a CND SHELLAC® Certified Salon in Perth

What’s so special about a CND™ (Creative Nail Design) Shellac Manicure?

When you choose a CND™ Shellac Manicure at our nail salon in Perth, you are getting a top-of-the-line, beautiful product that is long-lasting and better for your natural nails than ordinary gel polishes.

CND™ Shellac is half gel and half polish with a unique "soak off" gel polish formula. That means no nail buffing is required to apply or remove – so your natural nails stay healthy and strong while it acts as a protective seal and helps the nail to grow.

You enjoy a choice from over 200 beautiful colours, 14 days of glossy shine, and then no nasty and rough removal that damages your nails! There are many pretenders, but only one CND™ SHELLAC®.

The Manicure

CND™ SHELLAC® Manicure on Natural Nails or Toes 40-50mins | $50.00
Relax while your nails are trimmed and filed to the shape of your choice, followed by cuticle work to maximise the nail bed. We apply a base coat, the 2-3 coats of your chosen CND™ Shellac colour, finished with a CND™ Shellac DuraForce topcoat for a longer-lasting shine.
Add an IBX Treatment for even more strengthening and nail protection for just $10!

Nicole finishes with a gorgeous cuticle oil and hand cream, so your hands and nails are smooth, beautiful and ready to show off! To remove Nicole uses Offly Fast™, a moisturizing remover infused with macadamia and vitamin E oils, to safely and easily remove your CND™ SHELLAC® in just 10 minutes – without drying your skin or nails and no filing or drilling required.

When you have a revolutionary product like CND™  SHELLAC®, there are sure to be “me-too” products that claim to be the same and salons that are claiming to provide “CND™ SHELLAC®” services but are really using a lower quality gel product. Make sure you are getting the REAL CND™ SHELLAC®.

Not all gel polishes are created equal and CND™ SHELLAC® is the top-selling gel polish in the world for a reason. If you aren’t sure if your salon is using the real CND™ SHELLAC®, just look for the CND™ SHELLAC® Certified Pro logo, at the salon and on the bottle.

The best way to grow your nails - or stop biting them - is to have a regular manicure. Having a CND™ SHELLAC® manicure will protect and nourish your nails, encouraging good growth and strength.

Ready to book in your Shellac Manicure with Nicole?

Online Booking is not available for Beauty Treatments. 

Please contact the salon to make an appointment.

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