The Ultimate Relaxation & Wellness Experience from our home beauty Salon in Perth!

What are the benefits of having a Pod session? Would you like to achieve weight loss, release stress, sleep better, reduce inflammation, burn calories, rejuvenate and detoxify your skin… all while enjoying a soothing full-body, vibrational massage?

The Cocoon Wellness Pod is an incredible wellness treatment that delivers a myriad of health benefits through a truly relaxing, therapeutic experience. After experiencing its benefits herself in alleviating some of her own health struggles, Nicole was determined to bring it to Body Wellness and Beauty and offer it to her clients! After hearing so many stories from clients about health issues that they just couldn’t find the right treatment for, she realised she wanted to take what we offer one step further, and create a place of holistic, natural wellness treatments – not just beauty. Doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists use infrared every day in clinics and hospitals around the world to relieve pain, heal skin conditions, increase flexibility and generally help to heal the body – and now you can enjoy the benefits through personal treatments here in the peace and quiet of the private rooms at Body Wellness and Beauty!




The Cocoon Wellness Pod is a cushioned, full-body chamber that uses full spectrum infrared (mid, near and far) and red light therapy combined with vibratory massage, aromatherapy and salt air.

The infrared treatment - mid, near and far feels like a dry sauna, and works by heating the body and creating a cardiovascular workout which has many proven health benefits like sweating, skin rejuvenation, detoxification, muscular recovery and reduced inflammation – and you can burn up to 600 calories in one session!

This ‘passive’ wellness activity allows you to achieve fitness, health and wellness goals in a relaxed, private environment, and is ideal for people suffering from pain or recovering from injuries or illness. We also offer the ‘Sauna Suits’ feature to provide even greater detoxing and weight-loss!

After every session you will leave feeling relaxed, de-stressed and renewed with noticeable improvements in the aches, pains or physical discomfort you may have felt before stepping into the Pod.

Are you ready to experience it for yourself?

"I’ve had three major spinal surgeries and continue to suffer muscle soreness, poor range of movement and lack of flexibility.

I’ve had 20 sessions in the pod and I can’t wait for the next 20. The therapeutic benefit of the pod is immeasurable. It has improved my quality of life, aids with sleep and burns calories while you lay still and completely relaxed."


 - Lee Adam

Scientific Research and Studies

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Experience relief from ailments such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Bursitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.



Envelop your entire body in the soothing warmth of relaxation and heat – switch off your brain, take a nap and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in body and mind.



Full Spectrum Infrared is essential in promoting muscle recovery, reducing tension and relieving inflammation, muscle aches and pains.




Each Cocoon Wellness Pod treatment encourages your brain to release the four ‘happy chemicals’; it helps minimise stress and anxiety while boosting your mood.




You’ll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. Your body is beginning to acclimate to the infrared light and you’ve already experienced a dose of the overall health benefits. Don’t stop here.



You have started to unlock the powerful detoxification process. Your body is now beginning to eliminate surface level toxins more efficiently through perspiration. You’re raising your core temperature quicker and burning more calories.


Your body is fully acclimated and the real magic has begun. Complete cellular detoxification is underway, eliminating harmful heavy metals. Aches, pains and stiffness are easing. Circulation has increased and your overall stress levels are down. Your skin is glowing and renewed. You are in a state of complete relaxation.


You’ve completed a lifestyle change. You can see and feel the results. You’re stress free, sleeping better, and detoxifying at a deep cellular level. Your body heals naturally from within and burns a high amount of calories every session. You’re living a happier, healthier life.



Our Cocoon Wellness Pod utilises the benefits of Himalayan Salt, purifying and refreshing the air for a cleansing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment which helps with bronchitis, sinusitis, seasonal allergies and upper respiratory conditions. Himalayan Salts also produce negative ions that boost the immune system, reduce fatigue and assist with relieving chronic stress.


Who doesn’t love a massage – especially one with so many health benefits! The Cocoon Wellness Pod delivers a full body vibrational massage that you can tailor to fit your preference and target any aches and pains. Simply adjust the settings to target a certain area and adjust the intensity to suit how you are feeling. The therapeutic vibrations gently penetrate your body, reaching even the smallest, tightest muscle areas to lightly  stretch the muscles and release tension.

While relaxing in the soothing warmth, aromatic and  therapeutic essential oils are diffused throughout the Pod for a multi-sensory experience and additional health and wellness benefits.

Medical Disclaimer: Body Wellness and Beauty makes no claims as to the specific benefits of its Cocoon Sauna POD use for individual users. The Cocoon Sauna POD is not a medical device, it makes no medical claims, has no medical purpose and performs no medical treatments. The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod is a personal wellness and fitness infrared sauna pod system. Cocoon Sauna POD is not for any medical purpose whatsoever.





30 mins $40

45 mins $60

1 hour $80


SAVE MORE when you book our Pod Packages

3 Package Wellness Plan 30 mins $110 (Saving of $10.00)

3 Package Wellness Plan 45 mins $165 (Saving of $15.00)

3 Package Wellness Plan 60 mins $220 (Saving of $20.00)


6 Package Wellness Plan 30 mins $200 (Saving of $40.00)

6 Package Wellness Plan 45 mins $300 (Saving of $60.00)

6 Package Wellness Plan 60 mins $400 (Saving of $80.00)

12 Package Wellness Plan 30 mins $380 (Saving of $100.00)

12 Package Wellness Plan 45 mins $550 (Saving of $170.00)

12 Package Wellness Plan 60 mins $725 (Saving of $235.00)

18 Package Wellness Plan 30 mins $540 (Saving of $180.00)

18 Package Wellness Plan 45 mins $800 (Saving of $280.00)

18 Package Wellness Plan 60 mins $1050 (Saving of $390.00)

24 Package Wellness Plan 30 mins $680 (Saving of $280.00)

 24 Package Wellness Plan 45 mins $1000 (Saving of $440.00)

24 Package Wellness Plan 60 mins $1300 (Saving of $620.00)


   DP Silk Sheet Mask-add to your next Pod session $10.00



Do I need to do anything before my Pod Session?

Ensure you drink plenty of water before you arrive to your appointment.

It is best to not have any big meals an hour before your session, if you happen to have food before, don’t panic, just remember for next time.

What do I wear for my Cocoon Pod session?

Less is best for your cocoon session - Bathers, athletic clothing, underwear or naked; it’s up to you. You will be sweating after your session so light, loose fitting clothing is best. Clients will be laying on a towel during the session.

How long are the treatments?

Treatments are 30/45/60 mins in duration. Please note the time spent in the Pod is the full 30/45/60. No time is taken off your session to get dressed or undressed. This ensures you recieve the full Pod experience. Allow 10 minutes after your treatment to get dressed and to hydrate with water. You are encouraged to take a seat in our relaxing waiting room to hydrate and just enjoy sometime to yourself before heading off. All clients have fresh clean towels and the Pod is fully disinfected after each client.

How many sessions do I need before I start seeing results?

Results vary for every person and the reason they are coming for therapy. Most people notice a difference after their very first session as they are so much more relaxed and rejuvenated. For more specific conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or back pain, many people notice changes straight away; however, it normally takes 3 to 8 sessions to start noticing measurable improvements.

I have a medical condition, is the pod right for me?

Contraindications Cocoon Fitness Pod System IS NOT RECOMMENDED for individuals with the following conditions: Epilepsy Active cancer Broken bones or slipped disc Infectious/contagious skin conditions; skin lesions, abrasions and/or areas of inflammation/persistent erythema. Intoxication Outfitted with pacemakers or defibrillators Individuals running a fever or insensitive to heat (i.e. erythema ab igne) Pregnancy or lactating Severe open abrasions/inflamed Individuals with the following conditions are advised to obtain physician consent before using the Cocoon Fitness Pod: Heart disease and/or other cardiovascular conditions Diabetes Using medication such as diuretics, barbiturates, anticholinergics, and/or beta blockers In poor health Low Blood or High Blood pressure Hemophiliacs/Individuals prone to bleeding Individuals with implants (metal, breast, etc) Individuals that may me be at risk to hyperthermia Joint Problems. If you have had a recent joint injury, you should not heat it for the first 48 hours (or until the swelling subsides). Joints that are chronically hot and swollen may respond poorly to vigorous heating of any kind. Vigorous heating is strictly contraindicated in cases of enclosed infections — be they in the mouth, joints, or any other tissues. Haemorrhage. Haemophiliacs and those predisposed to haemorrhage should avoid far infrared usage or any type of heating that would induce vasodilatation. It can create the tendency to bleed. Surgical Implants. Artificial joints, metal rods, pins, or any other surgical implants generally reflect far infrared rays, so they are not heated by a far infrared heat system. Nevertheless, you should consult your surgeon before receiving such therapy. The Cocoon Fitness Pod System is not a medical device. It is not for medical purposes and makes no medical claims. The Cocoon has not been evaluated for any medical purpose whatsoever. The Infrared Sauna Pod is a general wellness, relaxation and fitness system.

Should I shower after my Pod session?

It is best to not shower straight after your Pod session. Doing so can shut down the detoxing process. You want to keep those pores open and working to gain maximum results, so shower 1-2 hours after your session. For optimum results, it is recommended to use body wash or exfoliating in the shower to help remove dead skin cells thus rejuvenating the skin.

To add some hydrating to your Pod session, be sure to use our compilmentry Tu'el Body Products and Tu'el Triple Splash. Triple Splash is a unique body serum that uses sodium hyaluronate to provide superior hydration and lock in moisture with Botanical Blast.

Do I have a full control of the Pod's temperature and setting?

Yes, you have full control over the temperature and settings. You will lie face up (supine) with your head outside the Pod with cool refreshing air. You can open and close the Pod at any time. Push Pod lid up, sit up and re-acclimate yourself before standing (1 to 2 minutes).

What do I need to prepare for the Pod session?

Please arrive on time for your appointment and park on the driveway in front of our parking sign. Please No parking on the verg.

Please ensure you are well hydrated before coming for your Pod session for best results.

Our treatments are 30/45/60 mins in duration. Please allow 10 mins after your Pod session finishes, to get dressed and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Please note that the time spent in our Pods are the full 30/45/60. No time is taken off to get dressed or undressed to make sure you are experiecing the best possible treatment.

Sauna Suites can also be purchased which help improve the results of Detoxification or Weight Management.

Less is best, this is so you receive the best experience possible and the Pod can deliver maximum light to your full body. Most clients are comfortable to be in the nude or in their undergarment/bathers.

Treatments are not suitable for those who are pregnant or have heart conditions.

Please refrain from having a big meal at least 1 hour before the treatment.

Plan to consume at least one bottle of water after your session – staying hydrated is key to aiding your body in flushing toxins + fat.

You will lie on the Infrared Sauna Pod face up. Your head will be outside the Pod for the duration of the session allowing you to breathe fresh air.

Please don't hesitate to ask for any assistance if required. When the session is complete, the unit will turn off automatically.

Once you are ready to get out, push Pod lid up using the wooden handle, sit up and re-acclimate yourself before standing (1 to 2 minutes), exit the Pod, wipe yourself down with the towel you were laying on, then get dressed and exit the room.

Our beautiful waiting area has been specially designed with your comfort and relaxation in mind, so take a seat and be sure you hydrate with water immediately following your session and for the remainder of the day. A fruit platter and juice can be provided for an extra charge. These are the little extras that can make your treatment special and spending some serious me-time with yourself is what you deserve. Be sure to order the day before your treatment.

There is no recovery period or downtime after a Wellness Pod treatment.

Our Wellness Pod features full spectrum infrared therapy (near, mid and far) along with red light LED therapy. The cushioned, full-body, dual-wave massage treatment is detoxing and relaxing.