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IBX Nail Treatment System
Get the manicure you deserve at our home beauty Salon in Perth!

Protect, Strengthen & Grow!


Do weak or damaged nails stop you from enjoying manicures? Struggling to grow your nails long?

IBX is the first, salon-only natural nail treatment that actually works inside the nail to repair, enhance growth and protect the nails under any gel polish or as a stand-alone treatment.

From finally growing your nails longer to repairing weak and damaged nails, IBX can help you enjoy stronger and healthier natural nails!

How Does It Work?
An innovative 2-part system, the liquid treatments IBX and IBX Repair work together for incredible results.


Application is just like a nail polish, IBX Repair is applied to the damaged parts of the nail, then cured under a gentle heat so it can sink into the nail bed itself and begin its work at sealing and strengthening. Then, the second coat, IBX is applied and cured to complete the treatment. By curing, the molecules in the two liquids actually fuse together, creating an Interpenetrating Polymer Network that creates a protective shield for the nail, fusing together the upper layers and providing strength and protection.

IBX Treatments are perfect to:

  • Create a protective shield under gel polish

  • Smooth and repair nail imperfections

  • Repair nail damage, e.g., splits, peeling or ‘white spots’

  • Strengthen weak or thin nails

  • Help natural nails to grow longer

  • Improve natural nail colour and appearance


IBX Treatments can be booked either on their own or added to any Manicure to protect, repair, strengthen and grow!


IBX Treatment

Stand-alone treatment $45

Includes a dry manicure: Trim, file, shape, cuticle work, IBX Treatment and your choice of nail polish.

Add an IBX Nail Treatment to your Manicure - $10

Could your nails benefit from an IBX Treatment?

Online Booking is not available for Beauty Treatments. Please contact salon to make an appointment. 

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