• Nicole Anderson

3 Quick Steps to Start Your Self-Care Routine

Do you experience that guilty feeling when taking time out for yourself? With our busy lifestyle, we tend to be on that busy wheel and trying to get off can be challenging.

When was the last time you went out for a luxurious salon treatment and drove home feeling happy and beautiful?

Do you stop and smell the roses? Making selfcare a priority can help with clarity, focus, reconnecting with oneself, and being ready for anything life has to throw at you.

It’s an acknowledgment to yourself that you matter. Selfcare is making that commitment to take care of your wellbeing and happiness.

It’s filling that empty cup!

Continually giving to others and not looking after oneself is going to put you in a position of stress and eventually feel burnt out.

You can practice self care in many ways, it's finding ways that bring you joy.

Starting a self care routine sparks with the will to practice it every single day.

  • Space - Create a space in your home where you can listen to music, meditation, motivational podcast or find a corner to read.

What brings you joy? Maybe that walk in the park or at the beach, out in the open air hiking, or by water, around wildlife. These activities can help to ground you and give you time to switch off, with less distractions. Time to reflect.

It’s not indulgent to take time for self-care. It’s a responsibility to oneself.
  • Sleep - We need between seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Staying up late, watching TV, late parties or trying to cram everything in before the end of the day will have you burnt out, so a self-care routine can really benefit you.

  • Reconnection - Being with a friend or family can help to shift your mood. It also can increase that happy chemical in the brain. Lifting your spirits!

Putting those digital devices down or cutting down on screen use is going to reduce that stimulation from the digital world. Too much exposure can cause sleep problems, interfere with concentration and mood.

Isn’t it time to shift from all that white noise and start giving back to yourself? Self-care matters.

It helps prevent burnout, reduces the negative effects of stress, and helps us to focus on what is important in life.

As Latisha Cotto, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, reminds us:

Fall in love with taking care of yourself: mind, body, and soul. There is only one of you. You are truly once in a lifetime.

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