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4 Benefits of a Mani-Pedi

A mani-pedi, that is, a manicure and pedicure, is an infrequent indulgence taken by the lucky few to achieve beautiful hands and feet. Right?

Let me let you in on a little secret…more and more people, both men and women, full-time, stressed-out employees to laid-back retirees, and plenty in between, are realising the soothing comfort unlocked by putting their body, wellness and beauty – first.

Interested in finding out 4 benefits you can really see from a mani-pedi?

Read more from Perth luxurious natural nails specialist Nicole, at Body Wellness and Beauty, to find out.

1. Smooth and soft skin

Likely the most recognised benefit of regular manicures and pedicures is unlocking smooth and soft skin and nails.

How is this possible?

· With a professional Perth mani-pedi service, you’ll receive expert attention to both the skin surrounding the nails and debris underneath the nails

· Your natural nails specialist (that’s me, Nicole!) can even educate you on at-home maintenance and preventative tips to help you meet your complete and optimised nail care needs.

Regular mani-pedi services can kick dry and cracked skin to the curb – preventing the painful reality of sores and scars. Your feet and hands deserve greater TLC in the cool, winter months and harsh heat of summer.

Seek sanctuary and solitude within our custom-designed nail and beauty salon, south of Perth.

2. Enhanced nail health

Our bodies go through a lot in our everyday lives – including facing the elements around us. Nail infections, skin dryness and other temporary (or permanent) conditions can affect the look of our hands and feet, and our body confidence, as well.

How can you enhance nail health?

· Organise a deep nail care service with your trusted Perth nail salon.

· This involves a luxurious exfoliation to remove pesky, dead skin cells on your hands and feet, thereby reducing your risk of nail infections.

Did you know that regular manicure and pedicure treatments stimulate new cell growth? This ultimately leads to stronger, healthier and of course, elegantly, beautiful nails.

Pamper yourself with stunning nail design and style, embrace your wellness and immerse yourself in luxurious beauty treatment in Thornlie.

3. Increased blood circulation

One benefit that not all are aware of when it comes to manicures and pedicures is improving blood circulation. So many of my clients adore the included feet and hand massage to relax and soothe their aches and pains.

Not only is this a calming comfort, but it also increases blood circulation – especially to your feet and lower legs. This can prevent or provide temporary, much-needed relief to existing pain and arthritis. Sit back in our pedicure chair and unwind your mind, soak up the soft lights and gentle aromatherapy.

Your complete comfort is incredibly important to me.

4. Wellness for your body

Our feet get us where we need to be, and our hands allow us to do what we need to do.

By taking gentle care of our hands and feet on a regular basis, our everyday unsung heroes, we can take a moment, if only fleetingly to put our wellness first.

A mani-pedi makes space for you to:

· De-stress

· Recharge and unwind

· Focus on your mental well-being by spoiling yourself.

Body Wellness and Beauty is the Perth beauty and nail salon and wellness space you’ve been looking for.

Ready to experience the many benefits of a mani-pedi will bring you?

Contact Nicole at Body Wellness and Beauty today to book your pamper session and experience Thornlie’s own best kept secret for yourself.

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