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How to Make the Most Out of Your Cocoon Wellness Pod Sessions

Are you seeking support to reach your health and wellness goals?

From assisting weight loss and burning calories, relieving stress, supporting better sleep, rejuvenating and nurturing your skin and even reducing inflammation – there’s one experience that can do it all.

The answer you seek is the ultimate wellness experience – The Cocoon Wellness Pod.

Looking to learn more about Cocoon Wellness Pod benefits? Find out just how these sessions can benefit you with Body Wellness and Beauty.

What is a Cocoon Wellness Pod anyway?

A full-body, cushioned chamber that utilises full spectrum infrared (that’s near, mid, and far) and red light therapy in conjunction with aromatherapy, salt air and vibratory massage – that’s a Cocoon Wellness Pod in a nutshell (or, cocoon)?

How does it work?

· Infrared treatment works like a dry sauna, heating your body and creating a cardiovascular workout. You can very well burn up to 600 calories in one single session!

· As a passive wellness activity, you can work towards your fitness, health and overall wellness goals whether you’re an injured athlete, overworked employee, looking for weight loss, pain reduction or just some well-needed time-out.

Don’t take just my word for it. Read real reviews from my gorgeous clients, here.

What to expect and how to prepare for your session

Loving the benefits (so far), but want to be informed on what to expect?

Here’s how to prepare and what you can expect from your wellness-boosting session:

· First and foremost, you’ll want to drink plenty of water before your session. We provide complimentary bottled water, for your convenience.

· Next, Nicole or Trent will show you to your tranquil, private room.

· You’ll be provided a towel for your session and be encouraged to disrobe to your level of comfort. Why is this necessary? Because sweating will occur – it’s highly recommended to wear light workout wear to your session, too.

· Now, the magic begins. Lie on the Cocoon Wellness Pod face up, and your face exposed throughout the session, allowing you to breathe continuous, fresh air.

· The length of the session is wholly dedicated to you and your needs. We recommend 45 minutes.

· The Cocoon Wellness Pod switches off automatically when the session is complete.

· Finally, it’s time to acclimatise yourself, take a moment before exiting the Pod, dress yourself and exit the room.

· Remember to hydrate yourself immediately after and throughout the remainder of your day.

Questions? I’m happy to help.

Contact Body Wellness and Beauty today to find out more about our popular Pod sessions.

How to make the most of your Cocoon Wellness Pod sessions

I’ve compiled what I personally take note of when enjoying these sessions, plus feedback from my clients.

Here’s what I recommend:

· Going in with a goal and visualise that goal (or goals) during the session.

If it’s weight and/or pain reduction - visualise a healthier, happier you, de-stressing – feel the tension melt away – you get the picture. Get visualising!

· Allow yourself this time for yourself.

· Book regular sessions to see meaningful results.

Ready to embrace your body, wellness and beauty? Your Perth Cocoon Wellness Pod awaits.

Contact Nicole at Body Wellness and Beauty today to experience the rejuvenation and nurturing you need to support your wellness goals.

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