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Learn More about the Tuel Skincare Range

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

As a society, we’ve been encouraged to love the skin we’re in – and it truly is a great message to share and promote worldwide – regardless of age and experience.

While loving ourselves for who we are comes from within, it doesn’t hurt to utilise skincare products to enhance your healthy glow and get into some luxurious pampering through wellness beauty treatment in Perth.

Tuel Skincare has been beautifully brightening faces since 1979.

How? It all comes down to naturally inspired and derived ingredients, some serious skincare science in partnership to create time-tested formulations.

Curious to learn more about the Tuel skincare range?

Read more from Nicole at Body Wellness and Beauty to discover the beautiful benefits of Tuel, suited for all ages, skin types, genders and ethnicity.

Seasonal skincare: keep it simple

As you know, the seasons come and go. Before you know it, the cool and dry temperatures will slowly but surely be upon us, with the dryness proving a slap in the face to healthy skin.

Here’s some reliable recommendations for the upcoming cooler weather:

· Switch and swap

Store-bought, cheap facial cleansers are great for convenience, but are they working for your skin? Switch and swap to Tuel and move away from a normal cleanser that merely removes makeup and build up, to one that purifies and penetrates the skin.

Flush out dirty pores with the Tuel Skincare cleansers that target rescuing, moisturising, detoxing and balancing skin.

· Serum savers

Have you been thinking of adding serums to your skincare regime? Consider this your sign to start! Serums are the serious skin saver addition for dry climates and cooler temperatures due to their protective qualities, designed to improve skin health.

· Consistency is key

It’s all well and good to buy a Tuel serum at your next visit to your go-to Thornlie beauty salon. But if you’re only using it once in a blue moon, it won’t be taking on true effect.

In the morning, always cleanse, apply a serum, followed by quality moisturiser before make-up application. At night, cleanse again, remove makeup, dab on some serum and pat on your under eye cream.

Fortunately, you can also keep on top of the dry, winter skin blues with a Tuel Facial at Body Wellness Beauty.

Turn towards Tuel

Soothe your skin in a simply superb way by booking in a Tuel Facial at your favourite Thornlie beauty salon. We just know you’ll love the perfect, plant-based products as much as we do, plus the meaningful me-time you’ll experience as part of our dedicated Tuel Facials.


We’re proud stockists of Tuel skincare due to their salon-only purchase exclusivity.

You’ll want to take home Tuel skincare products after experiencing a sublimely soothing Facial. Chat to Nicole about C Power and Hydrate serums – these savvy serums really do fly off our shelves!

Get glowing at Body Wellness and Beauty

We offer more than just any old facial. In fact, Tuel Facials begin with a professional skin assessment, so we can expertly identify, utilise and ensure the right Tuel products to suit your skin.

With a range of facials dedicated to nourishing the skin and soothing the soul, you will leave with fresh, hydrated and glowing skin – guaranteed.

Time for a Tuel Facial?

Book one today with Nicole at Body Wellness and Beauty at our humble, well-appointed Thornlie beauty salon and wellness space.


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