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Client Reviews

Linda Cameron

Nicole always makes me feel very relaxed.

4th October 2021

Ann Strautins

Love the personalised service

17th January 2022

Lorene Hayes

Lovely setting for the salon. Nicole was extremely welcoming and her experience shows in the quality of service provided. Will definitely be a return customer.

18th november 2021

Dani Hubbard

Beautiful place, Nicole makes you feel very comfortable and welcome.

20th November 2021

Roslyn Jolly

Thankyou Nicole your services are absolutely wonderful and relaxing you should be proud of your little business you are doing an awesome job.

1st July 2022

Melanie Cruickshank

Nicole was so lovely and welcoming!! Nails have never felt and looked better and left feeling extremely relaxed after a gorgeous manicure. Perfect way to finish the day!!

23rd February 2022

Sarah Bellamy

Always perfection, thank you Nicole 🌸

10th January 2022

Melinda T

I have only recently found Body Wellness and Beauty. My nails have never been healthier. Only high-quality products are used by Nicole. Professional and friendly service. Definitely walk away feeling like a queen 👸 Highly recommend Nicole. 😊

17th December 2021

Karen Grave

I have a shoulder that needs replacement surgery, and the pain has been extensive. I was introduced to the cocoon pod and 2 things happened that's worth reviewing. 1. 10 mins into the session my shoulder pain reduced its severity and due to this... 2. I have not been able to lay on my back for the length of time I had in the pod. When I sleep or has to be on my side due to the pain. Staff here were wonderful, very helpful and explained everything. The atmosphere was cool, quiet and inviting. The massage chair was the best I've ever experienced.... definitely worth trying. Will be going again

15th February 2022

Yen Lim

I have a deluxe facial done by Nicole. She did a wonderful job to my face. I am definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good beautician

30th March 2022

Monique Mortimore

What an experience! Total bliss... My skin feels so smooth and i look at least 5 years younger after just one facial The best quality products used the hand arm and Indian head massage all included.

My time in the Cocoon Wellness Pod- I'm more relaxed I have less pain I have already lost a few k's And i have slept better.. I have more energy and feel motivated to finally start looking after myself The massage chair and cocoon pod are amazing and Nicole is part of the journey that makes it a complete package Not to mention that the prices are really reasonable and her place is a beautiful haven where the experience starts from the moment she greets you at the door💗 A wonderful experience Thankyou




21st January 2022

Jola Yas

Beautiful salon and very relaxing atmosphere. Nicole is very professional and delivers exceptional service every time. I enjoy Wellness Pod treatments very much, very relaxing me time. Just had my second Pod session & my sleep has improved. Thank you, Nicole xx

13th June 2022

Sandra Dingle

Have just had another awesome pedicure with Nicole. She makes sure that it is a pleasant experience for me. Thanks so much again Nicole

23rd May 2022

Zahraa Suparta

It's always a delight to have my waxing done here! Lying down on the heated chair during cold days is a great bonus 😍

19th May 2022

Denny Byrne

I came to you with excruciating pain, as my neck was out from a physiotherapist session. I had suffered the whole weekend. I had had an adjustment at the chiropractor but was still in a lot of pain. The 45 minutes with the cocoon had a great effect on my pain levels and reduced the muscle soreness and increased the neck movement to a great degree. I suffer from that fibromyalgia, and I was able to get all over body relief and a great sleep that night after four nights of not being able to sleep or move properly.

Thank you, Denny.

Sandra Summerscales

Very nice experience with a lovely lady

22nd June 2022

Jeremey Murray

I spent the most relaxing hour in the Wellness Pod. A rare chance to relax while the infrared sauna does the work. I was looked after by Trent who showed me around how to operate the machine. The venue was very clean, quiet and very calming. I had the best night's sleep after the treatment. Thanks Nicole - I will be back!

06 November 2021

Ning Shi

Nicole takes pride with ensuring that her clients are pampered and well-taken care of. I have been using Nicole's services since 2017 for my nails hands and feet, and they have never been in better care! My partner and I now goes to Nicole for the cocoon, and it is fantastic. Our old sports injuries are less sore and we would sleep like babies that evening.

Nicole is always thoughtful and in anticipation of our needs. She is organized, prompt and communicative. Her home wellness parlor as I like to call it is clean, well-maintained, provides privacy, and that often sought after tranquility when we all want to relaxed and be spoilt. I can't recommend Nicole, and Body Wellness and Beauty enough. Thanks Nicole!

28 October 2021


Visiting Body Wellness and Beauty always makes me feel like I'm on a mini retreat. The salon setting, products used and Nicole's friendliness, professionalism, expertise and treatments is par excellence. I am so blessed to have had a few treatments with Nicole over the past 2 years and am over the moon having discovered her latest offerings - The Zero Gravity Massage Chair and Infrared Cocoon Pod. I was initially sceptical, however, soon experienced it's amazing benefits - whole body massage system, aids with toxin removal, helped my headaches, reduced muscle tension, deep relaxation, better sleep and reduced overall body pain. This local business is an absolute gem ♡

14 October 2021


I am really enjoying having my nails done here. The quality of the shellac, the IBX Treatment and skill of Nicole means my nails are lasting longer than ever before and they remain healthy and strong. I strongly recommend Body Wellness and Beauty.

26 April 2020

Margaret Chaplin

Nicole thank you for helping me with the colour choice for my nails this morning. You mentioned it was one of your new colours. I just wanted you to know it complimented the colour of my dress  perfectly. 

9 Feb 2021

Lalita Arthunarayanan

I highly recommend Body Wellness and Beauty. I am very happy with the Cocoon Wellness Pod. I feel very relaxed. The pricing is very competitive, the communication was very efficient and professional, and the sauna is awesome! Thanks Nicole.

25th June 2022

Jo Trenham-Gray

Nicole did an amazing job on my ruined nails (from elsewhere). Will never go anywhere else again. She is a great technician and ever so lovely. 

27 September 2020

Marisa Copperthwaite

I have been going to Nicole for a couple of years now, I have used the Cocoon Wellness Pod it was wonderful I have suffered from a bad back for many years & now I hardly have any pain & also recently I hurt my ankle which the pod has helped . The 45 minutes I spend in the pod is so relaxing that I actually fall asleep, also I sleep so much better after my session, would highly recommend it. Nicole is such a lovely person & I’m glad I found her. 

30 September 2021

Lee Adam

I’ve had three major spinal surgeries and continue to suffer muscle soreness, poor range of movement and lack of flexibility.

I’ve had 20 sessions in the pod and I can’t wait for the next 20. The therapeutic benefit of the pod is immeasurable. It has improved my quality of life, aids with sleep and burns calories while you lay still and completely relaxed. Thanks Nicole

28 September 2021

Andie Greatorex

Just finished my first 45 minutes in the Cocoon Wellness POD at Body Wellness and Beauty It’s a beautiful relaxing space I felt instant calm as I entered the room.

I’m trying these Pod sessions for my mind wellness. Mainly to help with my depression and anxiety.

Nicole explained everything to me in great detail and answered all of my questions.

After filling out the client form was shown how to use the pod and how to customise it for me for the massage for my back and legs. I loved that this was fully customisable.

Once I was undressed just left my knickers on (my choice) I entered the Pod closed the lid and started.

It was an incredible experience and the feeling was one of calm and relaxation.

I chose the medium heat setting as it was recommended as was my first time. I didn’t feel uncomfortable the heat was nice and warm and the fan was nice and cool on my face. I really liked the disposable neck sleeve that kept all the heat in once the Pod lid was down. I felt comfortable the whole session. I altered the massage for both my legs and back from light, mild to strong during the session they are independent of one another and for the last 5 mins changed to strong for my back and light for my legs.

After the 45 minutes was completed the Pod turns off and you lift up the Pod.

I then took a few minutes before getting up and exiting the Pod. I used a clean towel provided to wipe down (I didn’t sweat that much however it’s different for everyone).

There were beautiful body products from Tu’el a body mist and moisturiser that were provided to be used after the session. I applied both products and they made my skin feel so hydrated and soft.

I got dressed and as I enjoyed it so much I booked my next session for next week.

After my session I felt very calm, relaxed and refreshed.

18 September 2021


Great service, very welcoming, treatment room was nice, clean & organised.

Nicole explained the products and techniques she will be using for my eyebrow & eyelash tint. which made me feel much more relaxed as I'm very new to pampering.

Nicole also took alot of pride in her work and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way.

The eyelash tint came with a complimentary hand & arm massage. made the experience even more relaxing.

SUPER HAPPY with the results. can't thank you enough.

I will be returning and ill recommend to family & friends.

23 June 2020

Lorrae Rebizs

As a florist my hands take a beating each day, always in water and rough from stripping foliage etc, plus I have suffered with dermatitis on parts of my hand for years.

Nicole recommended I try the Sea Kelp Critical Repair Cream on my hands daily and I must say it has been amazing. The dermatitis flair ups have gone, and the cream definitely helps these rough working hands stay soft and moisturised .

I now keep some close by at home, in the car and at work. love it! thanks for the recommendation and guidance Nicole!

20 May 2021

Jessica Edwards

Nicole is an experienced and friendly professional who is lovely and did a beautiful job on my nails. I cant wait to go back.

27 September 2020

Mim Williams

Lovely experience getting my nails done for the first time in a long time! Nicole is knowledgeable and very experience and the result is great. I'm looking forward to continuing to improve my nails with Nicole's help!

2 September 2020

Janine Jennings

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19 September 2020

Amanda Mouttet

What an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. Nicole was able to fit me in for a Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure. Nicole was professional at all times, explained what she was doing and using. Her products are good quality, and her room is tidy, clean and kept well. These days nail salons are about getting you in and out but not exclusive nails, she will welcome you in and give your hands and feet the attention they deserve. I will be returning and be sure to refer others.

5 September 2020

Alissa Costanzo

I've been going to Nicole for about a year now and my nails haven't looked healthier! The advice she gives is genuine and is very precise and passionate about her work. i'll never go back to acrylics again. 

29 August 2020

Marja Adam

Always look forward to my nail appt with Nicole. My nails look and feel fabulous after my visit and for weeks after! Great service and beautiful results every time. Treated my daughter to a princess manicure for her 6th Birthday and Nicole was amazing with her. Highly recommend Nicole. 

25 September 2020

Rachael Fitzpatric

Thank you Nicole, my nails look amazing as always. It's such an enjoyable experience coming to you.

9 July 2020

Agata Uchman
Best place in Perth if you want to have beautiful natural nails.

January 2019

Lauren Lecura Bonner
Would recommend. Love my nails :)

January 2019

Kate Melissa Knedler
I am relived to find someone cares about their work. The shops are saturated with terrible salons that wreck your nails. Nicole is a true professional and takes pride in the work she produces. I love the detail and lack of power tools used. I lost count how many times I've been cut in the past. I love my new nails.

December 2018
Anderea Greatorex

So happy I found Nicole, she is amazing. Fantastic manicure, clean, professional and great service. I have natural long nails and I can say they have never been better. I'm now a CND Shellac addict. No damage, no breaking and no shipping. 

The 45 min manicure is nothing like I have received anywhere before, It's such a personal service you can choose what hand scrub you prefer and what hand moisturiser you like. The hand and arm massage is so relaxing. 

November 2019

Teresa Anderson

I recommend Exclusive Nails for anything for pampering yourself ladies. Thank-you Nicole for the magnificent treatment you give. I'm so pleased with you as a professional. I recommend you to everyone waxing, facials, nails and massage of ones tooties and the advice you give if i ask you about the problems with my skin. I appreciate the time you give as you don't rush. Your salon is well equipped to make one feel very comfortable. Thank you again for the work I had done today. 

April 2019

Louise Anne Fourie

Fantastic manicure, great service, healthy nails. Thanks Nicole you are a true perfectionist.

June 2019

Lucy-Anne Keene

I always Feel so blessed to be able to take time out in Nicole's salon! her attention to detail is outstanding and I always feel so refreshed and pampered instead of rushed out the door. She is extremely professional and her salon is always clean and inviting. I wish I had the time to be there more often!

14 October 2019

Shirley Howie

I have been to a few nail salons to only end up with broken brittle nails, Nicole spends the time on my nails and did a beautiful job on the layered colour, my one stop nail shop.

5 May 2019 

Tonya Fraser

I went to Nicole with nails that I had given up on they were peeling and snapping. Nicole offered me natural nails that would be strong and long. I am happy to say that my nails are long, strong and natural. Also I love the special deals Nicole offers and relaxation of facials and massages. Really feel very relaxed in Nicoles expert care.

25 June 2018

Yvonne Hyde

I have been to a lot of different nails salons and have never revived quality care as I did today. I felt like a wee princess. Her passion for what she does and her high quality of products that was used I felt the love. Never have I had a wee fruit and nut platter also a glass of water waiting for me. I truly got my $$$ worth and more...

Highly recommend and cannot rave enough. I will be back sooner rather than later.

29 November 2018

Gina-Maree Radi

Nicole uses amazing products, that last and also protects your nails helping strengthen them encouraging growth ready for the amazing colours she stocks.

6 July 2018

Joy Tapper

Thank you Thank you Thank you for making me "human" again!

I was looooooong n overdue to have my nails done and you did an awesome job!

Even the fiance who normally doesnt think much of a french polish commenteed more than once on how good they looked. You rock Nic!

Thank you muchly. 

16 November 2012


Yvonne Hyde

I have been to a lot of different nail salons and have never received quality care as I did today. I felt like a wee princess.


Her passion for what she does and her high quality of products that was used I felt the love. Never have I had a wee fruit and nuts platter also a glass of water waiting just for me. I truly got my $$$$ worth and more....

HIGHLY RECOMMEND and cannot rave enough.  I will be back sooner rather then later!

12 April 2018


Dilhari Gustavino

At the very last minute of me contacting her, Nicole managed to fit me in and gave me such a fantastic pampering session.


Not only did she explain what she was doing, you can definitely tell she enjoys it which makes a huge difference. Plus, she was so chilled with me having my little bubs there with me who was a wee bit cranky.


Will be back for sure. Thanks so much Nicole and was lovely getting to know you!


7 November 2017


Jean Whittaker

just had a Deluxe Facial at Exclusive Nails Perth with Nicole and it was amazing, no leaving you in room while you're mask is on a very relaxing arm and hand massage.


So much detail too the facial my skin feels great and I am so relaxed,

thanks Nicole


30 August 2016



Love Nicole and the service she provides. Would recommend to anyone. :)


25 January 2015


Tracey Lee

I had IBX and shellac polish service today and 5 star quality! Love my nails, love the beautiful salon room and the lovely chat.... Thanks so much Nicole xxx


6 April 2015


Angela Wright

Always very welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Very good service and good prices.




I've been going to Nicole for awhile now and love how she does my nails every time, she's very professional and friendly, I wouldn't go to anyone else!​

19 July 2015



I highly recommend exclusive nails, fantastic service, brilliant perfect nails every time and a relaxed friendly intimate salon.


Poonam Shah

Simply AMAZING!!!


Brilliant nails by an absolutely stunning Nicole! I have been a nail biter for over 20 years and every time I bite my nails, I think about how supportive Nicole is, and this makes me stop! I have started growing my nails all thank to this lovely lady! Simply the best!!


I met Nicole through my hostess Liz where I am staying for my holiday and when I saw what a great job she did on liz's nail I decided to treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. Wow Nicole is so nice, professional and makes you feel special. She does not hurry and takes her time to get it right. Thanks Nicole I love my nails and especially my toe nails.


Soooooooooo happy with my nails, thanks Nicole, see you soon!!


Wendy Ostberg

I have been having my nails done for many years and it has only since Nicole has been taking care of them I am actually achieving what I have always wanted.

She knows her stuff and I trust her completely to treat my nails as they should be treated. Thank you so much Nicole for taking me on as a client.


And what a compliment I received from one of the first to see them today after our colour choice. A complete stranger commented how beautiful they were.

29 October 2015

Denny Byrne

Nicole Thank you for strengthening and caring for my nails with IBX so I can regrow them without acrylic. (After begillions of years)They've now grown to the tip and are still a little breaky but I look forward to growing them full and strong again.





Nicole did an amazing job on my nails for my wedding. I needed two extensions added and they were so natural you could not tell them apart from my real nails!


I am really impressed with Nicole's expertise and careful dedication to her work. She has thought of everything in her beautiful relaxing salon room which is kept immaculate and is perfect for being pampered. You won't want to go anywhere else!




Going to tell everyone how awesome Nicole is at her Job. I have never experienced a more professional service and relaxing pedicure.


I have been going to Exclusive Nails for a few years and believe its the most inviting, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. I would highly recommend Exclusive Nails to anyone I know.

Thanks Nicole, I'm always treated like a queen.  



Sarah Jane Whitmarsh
Clean, friendly, plenty of parking and great prices. Nicole explained every step she was doing and why. And has a lot of passion for what she does with the products she uses. High Recommend.

15 August 2018
Natalie Voakes
Had the most relaxing deluxe facial today! A lovely little salon close to home. I will be back.

7 November 2018
Dilhari Gust avino
At the very last minute of me contacting her, Nicole managed to fit me in and gave me such a fantastic pampering session. Not only did she explain what she was doing, you can definitely tell she enjoys it which makes a huge difference. plus, she was so chilled with me having my little bubs there with me who was a wee bit cranky. Will be back fro sure. Thanks so much Nicole and was lovely getting to know you.

13 May 2018
Jo Trenham-Gray

Nicole did an amazing job on my ruined nails (from elsewhere). Will never go anywhere else again. She is a great technician and ever so lovely. 

27 September 2020

Debbie Wood

Nicole did an awesome job on my nails. I love the way she uses a top quality brand of Shellac which protects my nails and comes off easily with her special remover. I gave up on the cheap nail salons mainly because they were ruining my nails. Am so glad I found Exclusive Nails and I look forward to trying out Nicole's other beauty treatments soon.


Mindy Smith

Extremely happy with my first nail appointment with Nicole! She has the BEST pink Shellac and Glitters to choose from, which is an automatic win! Can't wait for my next appointment and colour combo, woop woop!

18 August 2018

Louise MacDonagh

First time client didn't know what to expect...It was so relaxing..who knew my OWN nails could look sooo good...Nicole you did an amazing job.


Karen Wain

Thank you Nicole for a beautiful 2 hours having my eyebrows waxed and tinted and the Best Pedicure with CND Shellac. Can't thank you enough. Your set up is fabulous.


Demi Myles

I have been going to see Nicole for quite a few months now and every time I am always extremely happy with my nails.

I have just had my CND Shellac removed and my natural nails look and feel amazing. With no residue left behind on the natural nails to grow out before they look clean and natural again. Also not thin and weak! still so strong. It shows how much care goes into each nail treatment Nicole performs and the quality of her work.


Chantelle Eggett

If you are looking for an excellent nail technician look no further than Nicole at Exclusive Nails. Since going to Nicole my nails have greatly improved. I am now growing my natural nails with the help of IBX and Shellac and I love them! Thank you Nicole for the great service and advise. I highly recommend Nicole for all your nail needs!



Tracey Lee

I had IBX and Shellac polish service today and 5 star quality! Love my nails, love the beautiful salon room and the lovely chat... Thanks so much Nicole xxx


Amy Crouch

Thank you for doing such a great jon with my Aussie green and gold nails! :)

25 January 2013

Cassie Xintavelonis

Hi Nicole,

I've been back in Hobart for nearly two months now and my nails are stronger than they have ever been.

On your advice I found a salon that uses CND Shellac and they have just started using IBX Treatments!

Thank you for introducing me to IBX and CND and getting my nails in such good shape!

26 April 2016

Mercedes Andriessen

Nicole, Thanks for suggesting IBX treatment to go with the Shellac. My nails have stopped getting delamination and still looking great, even after 2 weeks in the Pilbara and 3 weeks of wear :)

7 May 2016

Theresa Lord

Thank you Nicole for my wonderful Deluxe Pedi and the awesome IBX nails- You have totally transformed my weak and shabby nails to strong and natural nails with no more acrylic required. My facial was awesome too - So relaxing and my skin felt 200% better. 

25 November 2016

Anthea Taylor

Loving the French!! with seperate files for each person, don't trust your nails with anyone else!

6 February 2017

Elizabeth McElwee

I had the pleasure of visiting Nicole's salon today. After my most recent visit to a home salon I was more than apprensive...not only did I leave with my nails looking beautiful (the base with what she started was a challenge in itself), her salon is nothing short of "immaculate". Nicole's product knowledge and communication of same, exceptional and also a large range of colour and design choices. Absolutely professional and the best nail experience I have had. Thank you

12 May 2017

Lisa Giles

Love that after a hard day at work I can go to Nic have my nails done and treated so beautifully by a kind and caring lady.

Thanks for today Nic xxxxx

27 March 2018

Paula Baker

Nicole provides such a calm and relaxing environment along with amazing services. She is always polite and friendly and takes the utmost care with all treatments. I have seen Nicole for Beauty treatments and nails and highly recommend her for whatever you need. it is always a pleasure visiting your salon



5 weeks ago I had my nails done with CND shellac! Your work is amazing Nicole and the colour has lasted so long.


15 June 2018

Abby Arms

Thank you Nicole for a wonderful afternoon. My nails look and feel so much better and the facial was divine.


Can't wait to rebook.

11 October 2018

Annelle Angus

Love getting my nails done by Nicole. I know I'm always going to walk away with beautiful looking natural nails!

25 May 2019

Katie Hillier

It's always a wonderful experience visiting Exclusive Nails Perth. Nicole is very professional, the salon is always immaculate and my nails always turn out exactly the way I want them.

10 March 2017

Denny Byrne

Nicole thank you for strengthening and caring for my nails with IBX so I can regrow them without acrylic. (After begillions of years) They've now grown to the tip and are still a little breaky but look forward to growing them full and strong again.

25 April 2017


Since going to Nicole at Exclusive Nails over 12 months ago I just cannot go anywhere else for a pedicure; she is the most professional, and easily the best nail technician I have ever been to.


Both myself and my daughter Isabella have our toenails 'prettied up' by Nicole regularly and always walk out feeling amazing. Nicole's attention to detail is impressive, and our toenails are polished to perfection every time.


The deluxe pedicure (my favourite) is so relaxing and a complete makeover for your feet and toes, and my goodness you will not get a better foot massage anywhere else!


We were lucky enough to be the first clients to try out Nicole's new state of the art pedicure chair yesterday and it was fantastic, it made a great experience even better.


Nicole's nail salon is clean, relaxing and has such a lovely atmosphere. Treat yourself with a visit to Nicole at Exclusive Nails.

14 November 2017