More than just a facial…

Tu’el is a salon-only, professionally formulated range of incredible natural skincare, designed to feed your skin and leave it fresh, hydrated and glowing.

We begin every Facial treatment with a professional skin assessment to ensure we are using the right Tu’el products for your unique skin, along with including a complimentary hand and arm massage to deepen your relaxation experience!

Facial – 45-60 mins: $60
After an assessment of your skin’s needs, we begin with a deep pore cleanse, steam and exfoliation with a hydrating eye cream, essential oil blend and hydrating serum. Relax with a luxurious mask while we massage your hands and arms to complete your experience. Finishing with a hydrating serum, moisturising cream and SPF. You’ll emerge feeling fresh and fabulous.

Deluxe Facial – 60-90 mins: $70.00
Start your journey to a softer complexion with a Deep Pore Cleansing Oil and Herbal Toner for your specific skin type, then relax in the warmth as we apply steam to help open
the pores. We then apply an eye cream and essential oil booster on the neck and decolletage, followed by an exfoliation to bring your skin a youthful new glow - combined with an enzyme peel and Power Scrub formulated with Pumice, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Vitamin E and Chamomile to refine your skin’s surface. Then close your eyes and drift away with a relaxing facial massage, finished with a soothing hand and arm massage and moisture-rich mask.You’ll never want to leave!


Glamour Eye Treatment – Stand alone 30min: $40

Add onto your facial: $20.00
Brighten and refresh your eyes while treating and toning the skin around them with our Glamour Eye Treatment. We start with a beautiful facial cleaning routine then a Cleansing duo for your specific skin type and relaxing essential oil boosters for the neck and shoulders. With our Enzyme Peel and Power Scrub, we gently but thoroughly exfoliate around the eyes, finishing with nourishing eye treatments and soothing massage and firming mask. We finish with a tea & essential oil eye soak and reviving eye treatment – you’ll love how fresh and light your eyes feel!


Facial add-ons: $25

High Frequency Treatments - Direct & Indirect. A popular and scientifically-based treatment. High Frequency Electricity stimulates circulation and produces warmth in the skin to soothe nerve endings, encourage healthy cell function and promote skin healing. Talk to us about which frequency is best for your skin type and needs.

Galvanic Machine
This treatment softens the skin and allows for a deeper penetration of skin products and increases their efficacy and results.


UltraSonic Treatment
Our therapeutic ultrasound uses vibrating sound waves to deep cleanse, loosen dead skin cells and allow for an enhanced delivery of active ingredients used in facial products.

Panemorfi Jelly Mask

Add onto your facial:20.00

Panemorfi Jelly Masks are oozing with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and moisture-rich ingredients!

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