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Spring Clean Your Body for Summer

Winter is the season to slip on a chunky sweater, those comfy jeans with the stretchy waist-band and rug up at home with a yummy bowl of pasta. But, with the sun on its way back out, now is the perfect opportunity to prepare for all of those summery social events ahead!

Self-love should always be a priority, and spending time taking care of our bodies is an amazing way to feel invigorated and relaxed. At Body Wellness and Beauty, Nicole offers a wide range of services to help spring clean your internal and external self and get hyped for the new season that is summer.

So, how do you prepare your body for summer and how can Body Wellness & Beauty help you do it? Keep reading to find out.

Prepare your summer skin with skincare

Living in Perth, whenever the weather gets warmer, we all know prioritising skin care is a must, especially when it comes to staying on top of our SPF!

The epidermis (skin) is the largest organ on your body, and the harsh Australian weather can make it difficult to nourish correctly and effectively.

I can help you find the right SPF Sunscreen, eye creams, serums, facial masks and routines to protect and reinforce your skin against the harsher weather.

Book an appointment today at my Thornlie-based salon, for hands on, personalised skin care treatments catered to your skin type.

Prep those summer toes with pedicures

Whenever summer comes around, so too do those open toed sandals, thongs and heels that have been hiding in the back of our wardrobes.

Don’t get caught feeling anything less than fabulous and treat yourself to a cheeky pedicure to prepare your feet for their fabulous summer debut!

Get those smooth, hair free legs with waxing

The centerpiece of resurrecting any summer routine is the need to once again prioritise a regular wax (of many varieties). The return of the sunshine means bikinis, denim cutoffs, shorter dresses and singlets are all back in rotation and we want to help you to feel as smooth and feminine as possible!

Body Wellness and Beauty is the perfect salon to rejuvenate and get yourself feeling beautiful… while Nicole helps make it as painless as possible.

Slim down and feel rejuvenated with a Cocoon Wellness Pod For the ultimate body rejuvenation and weight loss hack to get you summer ready, look no further than our cocoon wellness pod. Using full spectrum infrared and red-light therapy, as well as vibratory massage, salt air and aromatherapy, this treatment can:

· Aid weight loss

· Detoxify skin

· Relieve stress

· Reduce inflammation

· Aid sleep

· Burn up to 600 calories in single a session

It almost sounds too good to be true… but the benefits of heat and infrared light exposure are becoming a more well understood- and even essential- part of any self-care routine. The infrared heat treatment, combined with the full body massage and soothing aromatherapy works similarly to a dry sauna- facilitating a passive cardiovascular workout that improves blood flow, sweating, and skin detoxification; all while calming the mind and spirit.

Read more about the benefits of our Cocoon Wellness Pod here.

Start your summer selfcare journey with Body Wellness

It’s only natural to let our self-care routines slide a little over winter. We all eat a few more carbs, watch a little more Netflix and maybe let the bikini line get a little out of hand.

But, with the warmer months just around the corner, it’s time to make yourself feel beautiful and get your body ready for shorter hemlines, hanging out at the beach and rocking open toed shoes.

Take the time to prioritise spring cleaning your mind, body and spirit ahead of the changing seasons and follow the link to book an appointment for one of Nicole’s many services today.

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